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A guide to watermist:
a fire sprinkler alternative

Watermist fire protection systems share many similarities with traditional fire sprinklers, both deploy water onto an affected area via ceiling or wall-mounted nozzles.


The main difference is the working pressure. Sprinklers typically operate below 12 bar [175 psi], while high-pressure watermist operates above 35 bar [500 psi].


Watermist systems work by rapid cooling the fire via vaporisation into steam, rather than drenching the fuel and surrounding surfaces.

Watermist systems consume up to 90% less water than sprinkler systems, this efficient use of water brings several advantages:


  • damage limitation 

  • smaller or no water tanks required

  • opportunity to connect directly to the mains water supply

  • smaller diameter distribution pipework 

  • environmentally friendly



Want to learn more:


  1. An Introduction

  2. Watermist Systems Classifications

  3. Using Watermist

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